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About Indian Country Extension

This term identifies Cooperative Extension work that occurs in Indian Country — on American Indian reservations, in tribal communities and tribal colleges. This nonformal, knowledge-based educational programming is grounded in the philosophy established in the Smith-Lever Act of 1914. The teaching is conducted by faculty, extension agents/educators and other associated employees of the extension organizations within land grant universities and colleges; tribal colleges and tribal governments.

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Program Showcase

  • Livestock and Range Management

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    San Carlos Extension - San Carlos Apache
    This program provides outreach to 5 cattle associations, 2 tribal ranches, and 2 private ranchers on the San Carlos Apache Tribal Reservation in southeastern Arizona. Total cattle numbers are approximately 15,000 head of cattle, all of which are pastured on extensive rangelands. The program aims to educate cattle producers in improved cattle nutrition, breeding, livestock records, ranch financial management, horse production, and range management. more

  • Summer Camp

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    Muscogee (Creek) Extension - Muscogee (Creek) Nation
    Muscogee (Creek) Nation youth had the opportunity to attend a summer camp that lasted for three days. The event took place on the Okmulgee Career Tech Campus of Oklahoma State University. The camp activities focused on Creek culture and history. Youth participated in workshops on art, music, story telling, language, games, crafts and food that are connected to their Native American culture. One evening the youth and some adult volunteers held a stomp dance. An active game of stickball... more

  • General Economic Development

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    Seminole Extension - Seminole Tribe
    The Seminole tribal leaders continuously evaluate new economic development approaches to their traditional agricultural operations. In 2005, the MacArthur Foundation with the assistance of FRTEP Agent, Mike Bond, donated 21 water buffalo to the tribe. The objective of this somewhat unique endeavor was to help tribal members develop a market for a growing demand for this healthy meat source in the public domain. In addition to their traditional markets in citrus, the tribe is now offering... more

  • Agriculture

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    Colville Extension - Colville
    FRTEP continues to improve agriculture and natural resource management skills in order to enhance productivity, sustainability, and quality of rural life. Programming has included: more

  • Walker River Indian Reservation 4-H

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    Nevada Cooperative Extension - Nevada
    The Walker River Indian Reservation is located in west-central Nevada and is one of the three largest Indian reservations in the State of Nevada, located in Mineral, Lyon and Churchill Counties. A recent needs assessment of reservation households identified unemployment in the rural area as the number one community risk factor followed closely by alcohol and drug abuse. The Tribe has been a part of the FRTEP since about 1992 and has had several different agents on the reservation, which have... more

  • Youth learn why character counts

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    Rosebud Extension - Rosebud
    The South Dakota Character Counts: We Are All Relatives curriculum, as adapted from the Josephson Institute Character Counts program, uses Lakota culture and beliefs to help students realize their potential and their ability to effect change in their own lives. more

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    Download the latest FRTEP Directory in PDF Format
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    4 years 40 weeks ago
    Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is homeland to the Gros Ventre and the Assiniboine Tribes.
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    5 years 27 weeks ago
    A public two year chartered community college located on the Crow Indian Reservation in Crow Agency, Montana
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  • Extension Office
    5 years 31 weeks ago
    Fort Hall is the home of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, and has 4,560 enrolled members.  The Fort Hall Indian Reservation is comprised of 544,000 acres.  Approximately 344,942 of these acres...
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    6 years 5 hours ago
    Bay Mills Community College (BMCC) is situated on the southeastern shore of Lake Superior, on the Bay Mills Indian Reservation, which is located in Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula.
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    6 years 6 hours ago
    The Hopi Reservation Extension Office works with Hopi Tribal Government partners like the Office of Range Management and the Hopi Office of Youth Affairs, and with non-governmental partners such as...
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    6 years 7 weeks ago
    This term identifies Cooperative Extension work that occurs in Indian Country — on American Indian reservations, in tribal communities and tribal colleges. This nonformal, knowledge-based...
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  • Extension Program
    6 years 31 weeks ago
    MSU Flathead Reservation Extension Office partnered with MSU Lake County Extension to offer the first Master Food Preserver class in Montana in over 25 years.  With the increase in gardening...