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Muscogee (Creek) Extension

FRTEP - 1862

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Extension
Educator works diligently to establish new 4-H clubs in the underserved
parts of the Creek Nation. The Educator also works very closely with
the Extension Educators in all the counties that are within the tribal
boundaries on cooperative projects and programs related to agriculture
and youth development.

In the last five years, approximately 23,000 students were
reached with an Ag in the Classroom school enrichment program. This
curriculum exposes children to the fact that they don't have a day
without agriculture being a part of it. They learn about how their food
is produced as well as the fibers for their clothing.

During this same time period, school enrichment programs on
plant and soil science were provided to 7,800 students. Workshops on
science topics were taught at 4-H club meetings, festivals and outdoor
classrooms to approximately 850 additional youth. Pre-post tests
indicate at least a 50% increase in knowledge after the youth
participated in any of these hands-on educational experiences.

All the inputs and outputs have come together and made a
dramatic increase in the number of Muscogee (Creek) Nation youth and
adults that participate in the Oklahoma 4-H Youth Development program.
During the last grant cycle we have seen a 13% increase in the number
of Native American youth enrolled in traditional 4-H clubs, a 25%
increase in Native American students involved in 4-H school enrichment
programs, and an 80% increase in the number of Native American adults
serving in 4-H volunteer roles.

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation 4-H program continues to gain
momentum with the acquisition of a grant to provide extensive
educational programs on Global Positioning Satellite systems. This will
allow the youth to further develop their technological skills and be
involved in additional career exploration.

Tribal leadership and the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension
Service are working together to bring researched based information to
the citizens that reside within the boundaries of the Muscogee (Creek)
Nation. It is this team's goal to enhance and improve the quality of
life for all of those who reside on tribal grounds.

Contact Information

Rick Clovis

Extension Educator
(918) 521-7322
(918) 732-7629

P.O. Box 580,
Okmulgee, Oklahoma 74447

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