The Native Indians In America: A Brief Recollection Of Information

Native Indians In America

The native Americans, people who are also known as the indigenous Americans, are the indigenous people of the United States of America, except Hawaii and other territories in the United States. A lot of people falsely refer to the populations of American Indians are Indians. There are almost 580 federally recognised tribes which are still living within the United States of America and about half of which are associated with the Indian reservations. Native Americans are the indigenous tribes that were originally from the continental United States, plus Alaska natives of all kinds of ethnicity. The United States census does not include the native Hawaiians or the Samoans. They belong to a different category called the native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander.

The ancestors of living Native Americans actually arrived in the United States of America almost 15,000 years ago or even much earlier from Asia. A huge variety of people, societies and even cultures started developing. European colonisation of America began in 1492, and it resulted in the decline of the native American population because of diseases, ethnic cleansing, slavery and warfare as well. After the formation of the United States of America, as part of the policy of settler colonialism, they continued to wage war and perpetrated a lot of massacres against a lot of native American tribes, and they removed a lot of them from their ancestral lands.

Since the year 1960, a lot of native American salt determination movements have actually resulted in the changes to the lives of a lot of Native Americans, even though there are still some contemporary issues faced by these people. Today, there are almost 5,000,000 native Americans in the United States of America; 78% of these people live outside the reservations. Oklahoma, Arizona and California have the biggest population of Native Americans in the United States of America. Most of the native Americans actually live in rural areas or even small-town areas, away from the big cities.

When the United States of America was initially created, the established native American tribes were closely considered as some semi-independent nations, and they lived in communities, completely separate from the white settlers. The federal government even signed a lot of treaties to make sure that these people and their tribes were protected. They were being treated as domestic dependent nations, and they were subject to federal law indeed. This law also preserved the rights and privileges of the tribal sovereignty. For this very reason, a lot of Native American reservations are still independent of any state law and actions of the tribal citizens, because of these reservations and also because of the fact that they are subject only to tribal courts.

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