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This term identifies Cooperative Extension work that occurs in Indian Country — on American Indian reservations, in tribal communities and tribal colleges. This nonformal, knowledge-based educational programming is grounded in the philosophy established in the Smith-Lever Act of 1914. The teaching is conducted by faculty, extension agents/educators and other associated employees of the extension organizations within land grant universities and colleges; tribal colleges and tribal governments.

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Program Showcase

  • Hopi Pu'tavi Project - Community Development

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    Hopi Extension - Hopi Tribe
    Several programs are umbrella under Hopi Pu'tavi Project, a 501(c3) Non-Profit for Youth and Community Development. The Tuhisma Hopi Arts & Crafts Market provides Hopi Artists an important on-reservation outlet for their work. The benefit to the Hopi is worth about $150,000 over two days. So'oh's Tunatya is teaching youth & adults basic and advanced silversmithing, Hopi pottery, and other crafts in order for them to be able to make a living on the reservation. Basic computer classes... more

  • Entrepreneurship

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    Coeur d' Alene Extension - Coeur d' Alene
    Small business development is a priority for the Coeur d'Alene Reservation. In 2006, with funding from an internal University of Idaho Community Development grant, the Extension Educator collaborated with Tribal Social Services and Planning staff and the University's Social Science Research Unit to develop a survey to determine technical assistance needs for would-be entrepreneurs. more

  • The Rockin' 4-H Cattle Club

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    Warm Springs Extension - Warm Springs
    This club incorporates Farm Service Agency youth loans, tribal Range and Ag. field work, and Extension education. Youth have purchased cattle pairs in the spring of 2006, and are working on growing their own herd by learning animal health, animal handling, and livestock production and management. more

  • Health and Nutrition

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    Colorado River Indian Tribes Extension - Colorado River Indian Tribes
    Health and Nutrition programming is combined with both of the above outlined Agriculture and 4-H Program areas. Any opportunity available is used to promote healthier lifestyles and increased physical activity. The CSREES Strategic Goal 4 reflects the current situation on CRIT in such a perfect way that it is quoted here: "While food and nutrition assistance programs have helped reduce nutritional deficiencies, improving access to healthy and nutritious food for low income Americans remains a... more

  • 4-H & Youth Development

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    Fort Berthold Extension - Fort Berthold
    4-H is a program that provides experiential learning for youth. Kids learn a skill, do a project and apply to a real life situation. 4-H programs provide an outlet for youth to experience many diverse opportunities. Youth programs include; 4-H sheep project, archery, target shooting, digital photography, gardening, youth rodeos, horse judging, technology, consumer choice judging and other school enrichment programs. more

  • Agriculture

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    Hualapai Extension - Hualapai Nation
    The Peach Springs Extension Program has offered agriculture, natural resources, and 4-H youth development programs to the two Grand Canyon tribes since its establishment in 2002. After the Havasupai Tribe banished State university personnel from their Reservation in 2004, the office has worked exclusively with the Hualapai Tribe. more

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    7 years 17 weeks ago
    Fort Belknap Indian Reservation is homeland to the Gros Ventre and the Assiniboine Tribes.
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    8 years 3 weeks ago
    A public two year chartered community college located on the Crow Indian Reservation in Crow Agency, Montana
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    Fort Hall is the home of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, and has 4,560 enrolled members.  The Fort Hall Indian Reservation is comprised of 544,000 acres.  Approximately 344,942 of these acres...
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    8 years 28 weeks ago
    Bay Mills Community College (BMCC) is situated on the southeastern shore of Lake Superior, on the Bay Mills Indian Reservation, which is located in Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula.
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    The Hopi Reservation Extension Office works with Hopi Tribal Government partners like the Office of Range Management and the Hopi Office of Youth Affairs, and with non-governmental partners such as...
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    This term identifies Cooperative Extension work that occurs in Indian Country — on American Indian reservations, in tribal communities and tribal colleges. This nonformal, knowledge-based...
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    MSU Flathead Reservation Extension Office partnered with MSU Lake County Extension to offer the first Master Food Preserver class in Montana in over 25 years.  With the increase in gardening...